The international headquarters of Job Chop-Chop!™ is in lush, exotic, tropical Lewiston, Idaho, the most-eastern seaport of the western United States. The nerve center of our spacious office is a corner bedroom in a tiny house. Humble, yes, but it makes for a tidy tax deduction.

Why We’re Different

Despite the depressed economy we’re pleased to announce that we’ve doubled the size of our workforce…to two: Ms. Chan is available part-time to help process orders, answer phones, and other clerk-type stuff; for everything else, there’s me…at least until enough sales are generated so I can hire and train quality Tech Support folk. Unlike huge companies that have scores, if not hundreds, of software engineers and Tech Support on-staff to assist you, when you e-mail us with your questions, comments or concerns here you’ll reach the ‘go-to’ guy, Rich. Because Rich is hard of hearing, he prefers e-mails to telephone and videoconference conversations so please keep that in mind when you contact us. Why we don’t engage in social networking sites and don’t have ads in our website The reasons are simple: There is nothing we could possibly say to the world that would be of interest to anyone. “Hi, everybody! Rich, here, and I’m at the FileMaker Pro Developers Conference!”
”BFD.” I really hate ads: they’re intrusive, annoying, often obnoxious, and distracting. Therefore, there’ll be none of that here—no background music, sound effects, commercials or rickrolling. I want you to have as pleasant an experience as possible here. However, you have a lot to say to friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and so on. We don’t have an advertising budget so it’s up to you to spread the word about Job Chop-Chop!™

Meet Grace

Chinese teacher, translator, chef, and “hot yoga” aficionado!

Grace is a native of Hong Kong and brings with her a wealth of computer skills and a gentle, sweet spirit. She’s also a chef in her own right so when she brings food into the office it’s guaranteed to disappear in short order. (Actually, it doesn’t disappear—it goes straight to my waistline!) You haven’t had real Chinese food until you’ve tasted her cooking.

She doesn’t take bribes, but you’ll be bumped to the front of the Tech Support line if you converse with her in her native Cantonese. (She also converses in Mandarin.)

I also have Grace to thank for the name, Job Chop-Chop! Chop-chop has its roots in Cantonese—it means, “Hurry! Hurry!” Since Job Chop-Chop!™ enables you to crank out job applications, cover letters, and résumés very quickly, the name suits the product perfectly. In addition, our logo is Chinese as well—it roughly translates to ‘big’ or ‘large’, so we’re hoping to make a big difference in people’s lives by helping them get back to work.

Meet Rich

“I’m originally from my father.”

Oops, that’s too far back. I pride myself on being a 21st century man: word processor, electronic technician, avionics technician, ground school instructor, flight instructor, tech support rep, technical writer, screenwriter, novelist, high school registrar, office clerk, database administrator, and software developer…the latter one I’m pretty proud of since I’ve created two noteworthy commercially-viable programs: Incident Reporter, a Safety Management System (SMS) application used by airlines around the world (it earned me the BZ Award for Excellence from FedEx, its first customer) and Job Chop-Chop!™, of which I’m especially proud of since I know it’ll help a lot of people. I’ve been involved with computers for decades and have expertise in dozens of software titles. As an end-user, I know what works well in making software easy to use, easy to navigate, and intuitive…all of which were high priority items in Job Chop-Chop!™’s design. For hobbies, I enjoy flying ultralight aircraft (that’s me flying one into the sunset) and amateur radio. Yeah, yeah, I know: “That is so geeky!” That may be true but it’s rewarding to exchange Morse code messages around the world using only 5 Watts of transmitted power (which is less than the power used by a common night-light bulb.)

“A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.”

-Joyce Brothers