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Everyone has the same challenges when it comes to looking for a job: the search for one, submitting applications, attention-getting résumés and cover letters.

How Important is the Cover Letter?

How much do you want a job? Cover letters are equally important as a résumé since résumés tells reviewers where you’ve worked and a brief description of what you’ve done; a cover letter tells reviewers how you think and how well you write and express yourself…and to...

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The Job Offer and The Power of “No”

You’ve had the interview, taken a tour of the workplace and the people you’ll work with, and if you’re from out-of-town, took in some sights and tours of prospective neighborhoods you might move to before heading home. Soon after, you get the call: you’re being...

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Smart Ways to Fill Out Job Applications

What, another shameless plug for Job Chop-Chop!™? Using “JC-C” makes it easy and painless to fill out job applications, but there’s a lot more to it filling out an application than meets the eye. Let’s explore what makes a winning application…and what doesn’t. The...

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Interview Hints 101 – “Shut up!”

Yay, you scored an interview! You should be familiar with the five, golden, interview rules: Arrive no earlier than ten minutes before your scheduled interview time (unless previously instructed to do so.) Of course, don’t arrive late, either. Dress for the job—don’t...

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