Career Counselors

Free License

We recognize how important you are in helping others find work so for helping spread the word about Job Chop-Chop!™, we want to give you a license for it, free—just send us an e-mail with your website URL or contact information (which we’ll verify) and we’ll issue you a key after you register the program.

Recommend Job Chop-Chop!™

In addition to learning good interview techniques from you, equally important for your students or clients is for them to learn how to organize their job search. By recommending Job Chop-Chop!™ to them, they’ll have a powerful, comprehensive, easy-to-use tool that will not only turbocharge their job search but will teach them a valuable skills that they can add to their résumé: finding and working with data in a database. The beauty of Job Chop-Chop!™ is that it’ll never become obsolete—it grows with the user. So, whether you’re unemployed and looking for work, or employed but want to keep a detailed history of your job search in case of a sudden layoff, Job Chop-Chop!™ is here to get you back into the job market.