From “Oops!” to “What the hell were you smoking, Rich?”, here’s where to find help.

Click on the appropriate link(s) below to download/view .pdf’s of help documentation and training videos. Because every page is occasionally updated, note the revision dates below—they denote the latest revision date of that page.

General Support Documents

  • User Guide
  • Appearance
  • Bugs and Quirks
  • Entering Data
  • Export/Import
  • FAQs
  • Finding
  • Installation
  • Job Hunting Tips
  • Navigation
  • Preferences
  • Printing
  • Registration
  • Schema
  • Sorting

Table-Specific Documents

  • Address
  • Contact
  • Job
  • Resume
  • Value List
  • Violation
  • Website

Still Stuck?

We’re only an e-mail or phone call away (…and we speak clear, American English, too!)

You’ve read the manual, scoured the Support documentation, and you still haven’t found the answer to your question or a solution to your problem. That can mean only one of two possibilities:

I wasn’t clear enough in Job Chop-Chop!‘s User Guide and/or online documentation to provide you with an answer. Sorry ’bout that.


You’re clueless.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and we’ll go with me being unclear. Don’t compound a problem by continuing with what you’re doing. STOP! E-mail us at so we can help you before you might make things worse.

How To Get First-Class Technical Support

The key to receiving quality tech support help is for you to note as much information as you can about the problem such as:

  • Does it happen every time you perform a certain operation or keystroke sequence?
  • Is it intermittent?
  • What’s running in the background while you’re using Job Chop-Chop!?
  • Is the problem location or computer specific?
  • Is there a full moon outside? – Did you cheat and eat treif?

By providing us with as much detail as possible it makes our job a lot easier trying to troubleshoot the problem. Mind you, this is initial release of Job Chop-Chop! so although we did our very best to squash any bugs, there’s bound to be a few that have escaped our detection.